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How to pick the right house

When it is time to pick a house, you must be aware of certain facts that may affect the price and well being of the home.

• Type of property: Single Family Home, apartment, condo, villa...
• Location: City, suburbs, Near an ocean or body of water.
• You must pay attention to the lot size.
• If it is a house or an apartment : new, used or remodeled.

Related to the location:

• Your preferences centric, away, suburbs, coast, mountain...
• Services in the zone: education, commercial, entertainment facilities.
• The access: Public transportation, how far form work is it, parking facilities.
• Surface, you must notice the built surface (walls, common zones, ventilation ducts, useful surface, evacuation ducts)
• Orientation: Natural Light, how many windows does each room have?
• Common elements: Does the property have a pool, garden, gym, etc.
• Distrubution: Bedrooms, Bathrooms. Halls, kitchen.


• Maintenance and conservation if it is an older home: doors,closets, windows...
• Paint, floor tiles, socles, moldings, marbles, etc.
• Safety: Locks, alarms. Cameras, Gates, etc.
• Light, ventilation, view, sound and thermal isolation.
• Common expenses: How much? What does it include?
• Water: Operation of faucets, as well as as the form in which the consumption invoices.

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