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In today's mortgage market, it is not necessary for you to have a perfect credit score. Additionally, you no longer need a steady stream of income to qualify for a loan. Today, you have options! There are all types of mortgage loan programs available to you.

To determine which one is best for you, one of our highly qualified mortgage professionals will assist you in your decision making process by evaluating your current situation along with your current loan needs, ultimately making a recommendation that is based on experience.

Some of our Products

Fixed Rate Mortgages

If you're planning to stay in the home for 15, 20, 30 years or more, this may be the best program for you.

Adjustable Rate Mortgages

If you are planning on living in the home 10 years or less, this may be the best program for you.

Home Equity Line of Credit

This loan is often referred to as a HELOC. Lines of credit are much like a credit card. If fact, some lenders will issue a credit card as a way to draw off of the HELOC loan. Your HELOC credit card payments are based only on how much you borrow and what the current interest rates are. HELOC Interest rates are typically higher than mortgage rates but lower than credit card rates.

Home Equity Fixed Loan

These loans are more commonly known as second mortgage loans and more than often carry a higher interest rates than a first position mortgage loan.

Home Improvement Loans

This type of loan provides you with the cash you may need to make repairs on you home.

Balloon Mortgages

Balloon Mortgages offer initially a fixed lower monthly payment for 5 or 7 years because the payment is amortized over a course of thirty years. At the end of the balloon period, you will either need to refinance at the current interest rate or pay off the loan in full. This loan is the type of loan that may be best for you if you are planning to live in the home less than 7 years.

Construction Loans

This type of loan will provide funding for your building contractor who is building your home.

Commercial Loans

This type of loan will provide financing for multi-family, mixed use, office, industrial and retail properties.

Remember, there are always advantages, disadvantages and risks associated with any type of loan. very strongly recommends speaking with one of our highly qualified mortgage professionals before you apply with any lender for your loan.

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